Mariana Vezneva




    For more than 20 years in the corn fields around the world perfectly shaped circles have emerged, sometimes forming geometrical figures and complex compositions which can be seen only from a bird's eye view. Through the internet, shots taken of them are distributed and become known amongst us.

    The Bulgarian writer Mariana Vezneva , an architect, phenomenon and supersensory explorer, a correspondent-member of the International Academy of Informatization at UNO is the first and only one in the world who has managed to reveal the messages in the crop circles and to establish a connection with their creators..

    The author reveals that the pictograms in the crop rings contain warnings against catastrophic occurrences following Global Warming and the dangers of self-destruction of the human race. Each consecutive crop formations are the answers to her unspoken questions about the preservation of life. Hence this circle continues every year.

    The book entitled "The Eye of Omniscience", the fifth in the series "The Secret School", is in fact a manual focused on the universal sacred cosmic language of symbols and allegories. The understanding of this language and the mental connection are necessary prequel for the dialogue
between them and us. We are in need of such a dialogue so that we can survive critical situations that await us and about which the scientists raise an alarm more and more actively.

  Mariana Vezneva - a presentation of unpublished information, photo 29.11.2005
  Mariana Vezneva "The Eye of Omniscience", fifth book of series "The Secret School, publishers -"St Clitmente Ohridski", 2007
Symbol of Fire
The standing triangle in white is a symbol of fire.
The Fire
Symbol of Water
The turned upside-down triangle in black is a symbol of water.
The Water
Symbol of Ice. Glaciation.
The hexagon - a symbol of ice. The hexagon, having 12 white and 12 blacks triangles contains information that the harmony disorder between fire and water shall lead to an Ice Age.
The Ice
Symbol of Life
The six-pointed star is a symbol of life.
The Life
Symbol of an Earthquake
The square - a symbol of the preserved Earth surface. The rectangle, the trapezium and the rhomb symbolize the changed Earth surface on a global scale. The rectangle with a marked center, which turns, is a symbol of earth­quake and its epicenter. The equal figures, ranged in the circle, show that earthquakes shall happen all over the Earth.
Symbol of a Volcano
The circle, divided on two parts - a white one, with a bud, and a black one, symbolizes the eruption of a vol­cano. The white part is the lava, and the black part is the smoke and the volcanic ash. The equal figures, ranged in the circle, representing different-size volcano, symbolize volcano eruptions all over the Earth.
Symbol of GOD ('the third eye')
The eye - a symbol of the Lord. In this case God indi­cates the time of some event. The number 4 (in the forth concentric circles) symbolizes the Earth. The number 9 (2x9=18), put into each circle, symbolizes a final cycle, the end.
Symbol of Sun
The central figure here represents a 12-pointed circle, which is a symbol of the Sun, indicating the time - 12 hours, 12 months.
The Sun
Symbol of Earth surface
The straight square symbolizes the preserved Earth sur­face, if we take the advice of using the solar energy.
Earth surface
Symbol of the message in wheat circles
The figure, which begins by a circle and it is completed by new circles enlarging more and more their perimeter, symbolizes the whole message in the wheat circles, that begins by an pictogram and continues in the following pic-tograms. The cover suggests that the message is comple­mented of a mental relation.
Center of messages diffusion
Symbol of Education
This figure, similar to the previous symbol of whole mes­sage, but having an additional cover, symbolizes the edu­cation on an universal sacral language.
Symbol of the dialogue between them and us
The symbol of this message is repeated to the left and to the right side as a mirror image. This double figure gives association for a dialogue. On the one hand, the question, and from the other hand - the answer, wrote out in the wheat circles. The whole figure suggests the idea of diffusing the information worldwide.
The dialogue between them and us
21.08.2005, MardenA, B; Wiltshire  
The Earth is a living, breathing creature. With your actions you are killing your mother - mother Earth, who feeds and nourishes you. The pollution (a result of your thoughtless actions) of the water, the air and the soil, doom the human world to extinction.
If you continue to slowly kill the Mother Earth you will inexorably enter the last cycle of existence on your planet.  
8.07.2006, Waylands, Smithy, Oxfordshire  
Immediately begin to use clean energy sources that do not bring about pollution and will not cause wars. Use the neverending energy of the Sun which is accessible to all. This is the only way you will be able to clear out the toxic waste, to live in peace and harmony and to merit a chance to save life on Earth.
22.07.2001,AveburyTrusloe, Wiltshire; 14.07.2001, WindmillHill, Wiltshire;23.06.2005, WindmillHill, Wiltshire  
You have ruined the harmony between humans and nature, between Yin and Yang. The destructive energy has become twice as much as the constructive, which leads to cataclysmic consequences for life on Earth.
The equilibrium between fire and water - the most essential for the civilized way of life has been dangerously tilted. The earth will turn into a dead, lifeless desert, turned to ash by fire in some locations, whilst in others water will flood entire scenes. The melting of the ice caps will lead to the rise in the Ocean's water level.
01.06.2001, Wakerbey Woods, Barrowen, Nr. Hamptonshire;22.06.1998, Clanfield, Hampshire; 24.07.2005, AveburyHenge, Wiltshire  
As result of global warming storms will ablaze. Hundreds of conflagrations and inundations and hurricanes will provoke earthquakes and the stir­ring of dormant volcanoes. Lava, smolder and vol­canic ash will engulf the entire world. The Sun will be overshadowed and the Earth will begin to cool - a fine setting for an ice age. Despite all this in sev­eral places life will continue to reside.
06.07.2006, SavernakeForrest, Wiltshire; 11.07.2006,Aldbourne, Wiltshire
20.07.2006, StraightSoley, Berks
We want to help you and are seeking to communicate with you. It is required for you to crate a centre in the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere so that they are connected through responsible and influential personas who have but one goal - the perseverance of life on the planet. Through the centers let our messages to you be spread out, just as through the pictograms as the hidden words contained within them. Learn the universal sacred language of symbols!
Once you've mastered the universal cosmic language of symbols and the mental link with them, then the dialogue between us and you will deepen. We will give you indications and instructions how to act in critical situations that await you and how to avoid them; how the human race can survive and preserve the Earth. For every question asked you will receive an answer in the form of a pictogram in the corn circles throughout the duration period from April till September. Ask questions at congresses, forums and presentations. We are prepared to answer.