Architect Marianna Vezneva, is a phenomenon, a scientist- explorer, a famous writer of esoteric literature, a holder of the phenomenon’s award- the statuette “Golden phenomenon”. She is a corresponding member of the International Informatization Academy at UNO.

Ìàðèàíà Âåçíåâà    
Autobiographical notes

Since my childhood I have been excited by everything extraordinary, mysterious and supersensory. Most of my relatives have had clairvoyant or healing abilities, they have been able to tell fortunes and have also shown capacities for telepathy.

The great reversal in my consciousness that put an imprint on all my further life came in 1981.Then in my sleep three persons appeared - two men and a woman .They were dressed in white and radiated light. I called them”Teachers” right away. One of them kissed my forehead between the eyebrows. I closed my eyes .At first an outline of an eye appeared. Then the eyelid moved. The eye started shining like a television screen, upon which images and pictures appeared.


Soon after this event my dreams changed completely. Every night I used to find myself in a hall with a screen at the far end. I knew that was the hall at the Shambhala School. There and sometimes outside it the Teacher explained to me spiritual/theosophical /themes. While he was talking, figures appeared on the screen - images of the thoughts.

In fact, I was receiving spiritual knowledge in the universal cosmic language of symbols and allegories.

In 1982-83 the Teachers materialized twice in my home. The second time they gave me “The key of Shambhala “- a symbolic sign to open the door to mysterious knowledge, interpreting messages in allegories and symbols, understanding the real meaning of myths and legends, receiving Revelations.


The messages in the crop circles are addressed to the human race, but they can be interpreted only by persons with developed spiritual senses, who have established telepathic contact with the creators of the pictograms. Most messages refer to the appearance of the New, Sixth race with an open ”Third eye” which has always been accompanied by natural calamities and cosmic cataclysms.